​Unapologetic feminist fiber artist Steph Gorin’s baskets and

art yarn installations examine the current state of gender equality

through the real-life experiences of women around the world. 

Her interest in gender issues took root when she served as

a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco in the mid-1990s. As a

woman living in an overwhelmingly male-dominated society for

two and a half years, Steph personally experienced sexual

harassment and gender discrimination and observed the

unequal treatment of Moroccan women. 

Steph’s Peace Corps experience profoundly altered her 

understanding of the status of gender equality in the world and

left her intent on contributing to its realization.  This interest

lead her to Harvard University, where she earned a Masters

Degree in International Education Policy and Gender, and a

career in International Development in the field of education.  She spent several years conducting USAID-funded research on gender and education in Africa- including Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Lesotho.  

In the midst of her travels and halfway through a PhD program at the University of Maryland, Steph unexpectedly discovered her passion for fiber art.  She soon found herself in the midst of the modern art yarn movement. It was her first creative endeavor since earning a BA in Creative Writing. Six months later, she had quit her job, dropped out of school, and founded Loop Fiber Studio.  Since 2007, Steph has created and sold one-of-a-kind art yarn and art fiber under her Loop label. 

​As an artist, Steph continues her inquiry into gender issues and gender inequality. Using non-traditional materials often juxtaposed with traditional forms, she investigates the tension between the modern gender movement and gender norms / traditions.   Steph’s work explores the current state of gender equality throughout the world, often referencing relevant social media hashtags to bring attention to emerging issues.  

Steph Gorin